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Aussie on the Road by Chris >> a travel addict from Oz who has absolutely zero interest in ever holding down a 9 to 5 job, raising 2.5 rugrats, and having a mortgage, he daydreams about a life of scuba diving, beaches, buxom wenches, and new adventures.

Dan’s Adventure by Dan >> his adventure began in August 2009 when he left the UK and flew to Nairobi, Kenya. As Dan travels through Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America and North America, he will endevour to share his stories and photos on this travel blog.

Man on the Lam by Raymond >> a travel enthusiast and a prolific travel blogger who infuses impeccable humor and a dash of sarcasm in his narratives

Nomadic Matt by Matt >> a twenty something vagabond and a native of Boston, he decided to quit his job and travel the world after his trip to Thailand in 2005

Nomadic Notes by James >> a working nomad from Melbourne, he is a travel industry web developer, writer and photographer and does PR and promotions for travel and tourism websites.

Velvet Escape by Keith >> a thirty-something based in Netherlands, his blog is about  getting away from our daily routines, exploring, being adventurous, reflecting & doing it in style.

Nelieta Traveling Adventures by Nelieta >> a native of South Africa and now living in Argentina with her hubby, she started traveling when she was a teenager and now keeps her own personal blog to share her experiences and to reconnect with her adventurous self again.

Wild Junket by Nellie >> a professional travel writer, she travels around the world with her notebook and camera in hand, to seek out adventurous and quirky corners.


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A – J

Adaphobic by Ada >> a free-spirited travel-junkie who loves nature, colors, and photography.

Ako Si ShinChan by Josh >> a trigger happy wanderer who finds true happiness in his snapshots and adventures

Always Wandering by Katie >> a local wanderer and globe trotter who travels for fulfilment and distraction

Ambot Ah by Marcos >> a blog about his life as a travel blogger, nurse, and freelance photographer. After graduating in college, he decided to make a living out of blogging and live out his many passions

Backpacking Philippines by Tutubi >> flight chronicles of a backpacker, who features travel guides, reviews and helpful information on his blog.

Backpacking With a Book by Jona >> a blog about the discovery and realization of life and the self through traveling.

Balintataw by Jerome >> taking you places through photography and travel narratives.

Batang Lakwatsero by Ivan >> a young wanderlust who has a big interest in travel, photography and historical landmarks.

Boy Palaboy by Marcus >> he was not allowed to travel because he’s the only child. But he just cant help it but to wander around and exploring new places even if he has to go solo. So, do him a favor, Dont tell his mother.

Byaheng Barok by Gladys >> chronicles the travels of a Filipina singlemom throughout the Philippines and in Asia (soon, the rest of the world). At present, her travels are fueled by her passion to improve her skills in landscape photography.

Carloye’s Cravings by Carlo >> together with his fiancee Carlo chronicles his travels, adventures and food finds in his blog and wants to experience everything that interests them first-hand.

Con Tour Blog by Bon >> he aspires to become a professional travel photographer, he chronicles his travels to help his friends and other readers

Dialogue With a Wanderer by Roman >> his blog aims to share his travel experiences in the Philippines and beyond–from off beaten track to modern spot. He also aims to consume nature’s opulence, and in return, help in conserving it.

Eating Halfway by Roniel >> he shares his adventures, stories and food experience while journeying and eating halfway each time.

Epic Potato by Lauren >> is the exploits of a Sarcastic, Wanna-be Backpacker, Mafioso, Type B Personality, Average girl, Expect to read about things that implies the writer had severe verbal diarrhea

Eskapo by Dong Ho >> an adventurer who loves taking pictures, watching movies, collecting comics and serving the Lord

Explored by Ding >>  a social development management practitioner, who happens to love photography and traveling. Blogging beautifully and harmoniously blends his passion for photography and flair for writing

Filipina on Flips Flops by Daene >> her blog is an outlet of her two true love – writing and travel, she hopes to inspire her readers to travel and see the world as well

FlipNomad by Flip >> an ordinary typical guy who started traveling when he was a kid, he shares useful tips on bakcpaking and budget travel in his blog

Flip ‘n Travels by Ron & Monette >> travel buddies and a couple of urban slaves trying to break free from the monotony of everyday life by traveling.

Frameless World by Bino >> he is a photographer and financial analyst based in Makati , Philippines, his blog serves as a journal of his travels and random imagery.

HappySole by Gwen >> A native of Iloilo who loves to lagaw around the Philippines and abroad.

Happy Travels by Marie >> an adventurous wanderer who aspires to be a professional photographer so she could share to her readers beautifully captured images during her travels.

Gala Pinoy Redux by Cedric >> a freelance copywriter by day and a music and photography buff during his free time, he attempts to combine and share his passion for writing and photography in his blog

Going Places by Ian >> a wanderlust who has a passion for travel and writing, he aims to inspire travel trotters to explore the beauty of the Philippines as an ideal travel destination

Ironwulf: En Route by Ferdz >> an award-winning travel blogger and photographer, who aims to chronicle his travels across the country and different parts of the world to bring back stories and images that would inspire more people to start their own adventure

Island Vacations by Edelito >> he an islander and passionate writer  who blends his educational background, business skills, poor man’s and island life experiences in writing his articles. He travels frequently for business, rest and pleasure both in the local and international fronts and chronicles his observations about his travel destinations.

I Spy Philippines by Sheryl - an ex-pat who has returned home to promote the best of affordable and luxury experiences in her native land. Travel and languages have been a passion of hers since a very young age

Ivan About Town by Ivan >> is an advocate of heritage conservation and the winner of the Best Travel Blog at the2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

I Wander >> a twenty- something wanderer based in Singapore who chronicles his past and recent trips in his blog

Journeying James by James – an adventurer, backpacker and a runner who had been traveling on a budget around Philippines and SEA since 2003.

Just Wandering by Nina >> one of the pioneers among pinay travel bloggers, she is the winner of the Best Travel Blog for 2010

K – N

Kaladkaring Paa by Sharlyne >> is travel photo blog which aims to describe her curiosity to go out and explore the Philippines and the world.

Kathangisip by Japanese Cake >>is a group blog that focuses on art, culture and travel, thus the name kathangisip, a Filipino word meaning imagination.

Lagawan by Audrey >> a twenty-something free spirited girl, who loves traveling, reading books and network games, she is also a self-confessed photographer wannabe who enjoys sharing here images with her readers.

Lagawan by Tynz >> is a twenty-something free spirited girl who loves traveling, reading books and network games

Lakas ng Trip by Josiah >> a runner, mountain climber, a wanderer and a photo enthusiasts, he blogs about travel, food, sports and everything in between

Lakbay Diva by Fetus – this shy blogger with a secret identity wants to give justice to the beautiful places in the Philippines, both popular and off-the-beaten-path

Lakwatserang Kuba by Karina >> is an online journal of a struggling editor who happened to be madly in love with travels, travelling, culture, arts, and life. It is an anthology of unforeseen mishap, unexpected friendships, life-changing moments and unpredicted delights along the way.

Lakwatsero by Angel >> takes traveling as a passion and treats photography as a hobby, he dreams of documenting and sharing his adventures to the world

Lakwatsero Travel Blog by Jojo >> a former couch potato tuned traveler, he believes that travelling doesn’t require a lot of angst and planning,

Langyaw by Estan >> an avid traveler, multi-awarded blogger and photographer.

Leave the Cube by Stan and Pam >>  twenty-something Filipino-Chinese I.T. specialists from Manila, they share a passion for traveling and discovering new flavors and places to eat.

Life is a Celebration by Tita Lili>> retired by profession but very active in celebrating life, she chronicles her life’s adventure on her travel blogs.

Living in a Backpack by RV >>believes he he has an ailment called compulsive travel syndrome, he travels on a shoe-string budget to fuel his love for local flavours and to experience local colors.

Lost in Translation by MJ and Kim >> are two Pinoy shutterbugs whose pathological need to flashpack has taken them to different corners of the Philippines and Asia: from the quaint villages and rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines to the impressive soaring skyscrapers of Shanghai, China.

Manila and Beyond by Patricia >> a Media Relations Associate on most days, writer, traveler, food enthusiast, cat lover any time of the day, she likes to conquer Manila and beyond, one step at a time.

Marxtermind by John Marrx >> he is a soulful wanderer who loves to travel, learn new things and meet new people.

Miss Backpacker by Kaiz >>  a twenty something Filipina who has the hots of mountaineering, traveling and photography, and a self-confessed Gwen Stefani wannabe

My Island Trek by DG and Tze >> This site aims to provide information and tips on budget travel, places to go to, different tourist spots,travel directions, cheap accommodations, and other travel related recommendations through travelogues, photos, and independent, honest reviews.

Nomadic Pinoy by Dennis >> he has an itchy feet for traveling: to see the sights, hear the sounds and savor the taste whether that’s just around town or another part of the world.

No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin by Chyng >> a free-spirited, easy going wanderer who loves Do-It-Yourself trip, comfort food hunt, feel good blogging.

Nomadic Experiences by Marky >> Inspired by Kerouac’s “On the Road” this nomad wannabe trapped in the corporate world (currently plotting his permanent escape) shares his experience through this collection of narratives and images of being on the road.

O – Z

Olanology by Olan >> an alimpananaw, a person who loves to wander, he aims to chronicle his series of my humble travels and exciting journeys to the best kept secrets of his Island Philippines and the world.

Pasyalera by Icey and Wayne >> a joint project of two college friends who share the same passion for travel and adventure, they aim to share in their blog the best places and things the world has to offer

Pinoy Lakwatsero >> he experienced his first sea trip when I was 7 months old, first bus ride when he was still three years old, first Super Ferry ride when he was in high school and only a week after before he flew his first flight with Cebu Pacific, he has developed an insatiable thirst for travel and adventure

Pinoy Traveller >> he made a “solemn” vow to roam the Philippines as much as he can and as long as heever live

Philippine Travelogue by Brenna >> is an online travel and lifestyle magazine

Pinay Traveller by Pauline >> an all-around media person by day and a traveller for life

Pinay Travel Junkie by Gay >> reportage revolving around a Filipina backpacker mom’s random ramblings, spontaneous off-the-beaten path explorations, bizarre eats, occasional voluntourism, life changing reflections, and unconventional baby raising whilst habitually on the road!

Pinoy Adventurista by Mervin >> a wanderlust who loves to run and climb mountains, he wants to see the 7107 islands of the Philippines before he dies.

Pinoy Boy Journals by Jerik >> his blog aims to inspire people to discover and explore the beauty of the world.

Seeking Felicity by Catherine >> a fun-loving wanderer who finds bliss in finding good food, reading books and traveling, she decided to blog about her trips to share a detailed account of her adventures and to help her friends and other travellers in planning their trips

Senyor Lakwatsero by GQ >> his blog serves as a memory board for his travel escapades  where he shares photographs and stories of his adventures from everywhere.

Pala-Lagaw by Simurgh >> a proud Ilonggo by heart who dreams of traveling around the Philippines, if he is not exploring some obscure town, you’ll find him watching movies in one of Manila’s malls

Solitary Wanderer by Aleah >> a freelance writer and editor dreaming of travelling the world solo.

Soloflighted by Edcel >> a self-confessed cyber freak who loves the beach, living in Cebu, and traveling the world

Suroy Pilipinas by Earl >> a part-time blogger from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, who loves traveling and photography as well as running, basketball and rock music

The Frustrated Traveler by Tina >> she started this blog, to keep the memories of places she has visited and to somehow inspire other people as she has been inspired by many travel bloggers.

The Lost Boy by Lloyd>> a professional jetsetter and backpacker from Manila who travels to look for love and to find the best attractions, best meals and best lodging.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker by Gael >>an anthropologist living in a corporate worlds, she backpacks Philippines and Asia and shares DIY tips and budget travel guides

Tracking Treasure by Darwin >>  young, friendly and easy-going wanderlust who loves to discover new places, meet new friends and experience adventure

The Transcendental Tourist by AJ >> a teacher, a shutter bug and a backpacker, he believes trip need not be perfect – just personal

The Travelling Feet by Doi >> a blogger with a pair of itching travelling feet, she chronicles her adventures and misadventures as she travels to familiar and unfamiliar places and brave the unknown

Traveling Nicely by Nicely >> this wanderlust believes that ife begins when you decide to step out of your comfort zone, she shares tips, stories and travel information on her travel blog as well as maintains other helpful blogs

Tripadora by Izah >> a dreamer who is now making her dreams a reality as she documents her adventures and misadventures.

Wander Girl by Bridgette >> a television writer who travels to seek for education, amazement, inspiration and blessing

Wanderlass by Lilliane >>  She began blogging to update family and friends while pseudo-backpacking Europe in 2007. Now it continues to serve as backup memory of her frequent wanderings.

Wanderlust Diary by >> she aims to share some thoughts and tips about the places she had been to, she dreams of travelling the world especially Europe and to skip work and just travel

We Are Sole Sisters by ChiChi and Lois >> fashionista sisters united by the same passion for travel, walk barefoot with them and wrap your arms around the world one trip at a time!

Weekend Haven by Valerie >> she chronicles her travels, budget weekend thrills, backpacking adventures and more, she is not the usual thrill-seeker but she enjoys trying out something new and going to places she’s never been

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ISP 101 by Jomi >> a freelance computer technician who blogs mostly about geeky stuff and everything under the sun

Blissful Guro>> She is a student of life. A music lover. A non-fiction addict. A beach bummer. A black coffee lover. Loves sunset and the sand on her feet. Hates conformity. Loves individuality. She has the most amazing day job – being a public high school teacher.

Calvin’s Hub by Calvin >> a blogger who writes about everything he loves and hate, he also writes for Pinoy Tech Blog

Cebu and Davao Blog by Nonoy >> a native of Davao who currently resides at Cebu City, his passion is writing and he blogs about his two favorite cities Davao and Cebu

Curious Biker by Macay >> his love for biking and adventure in general allows him to reach places that are less traveled where he encounters people at their most unguarded moments from which the stories of his blog come from.

Expat Life in Bonn by Sheryll >> a blog about tips and advice on how to adjust to a new environment easier. Getting in touch with communities in and around Bonn. Updated events that makes Bonn culture fascinating from the rest of Germany.

Grasya by Grace >> a Filipino VSo volunteer who loves travel, coffee and poetry

Info 4 Greece by Nikos >> offers practical information and a comprehensive guide about Greece

La Dolce Vita by Armi >> sharing the goodness of life as a wife, mother, HR practitioner, an intermediate cook, a wedding coordinator & adventurer

Senyorita by Mica >> she writes about about womanhood – beauty products, fashion, stilettos, career, food, travel and yes, LOVE.

The Chronicles of Ardee by Rd Sean >> he is a Software Engineer by profession and a blogger at idle times, a nature lover and a proud Filipino. He have been blogging since 2007.

Where The? by Jake and Belle >> easygoing wanderlusts who are obsessed with seeing life in all 3 perspectives (up, down & upside-down) through their capacity to indulge in their love of travel & the arts.

Zayza Explores by Zayza >> she discovered her love for traveling late in 2009. She got inspired by reading travel blogs to start her on travel diary online and now she wanted to inspire others  through her pictures and stories.