Thank You Ist Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards.

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Yesterday, I started the day in high spirits after receiving two pleasant surprises; the first was about another possible road trip in Australia at the end of the year and the second was an email informing me that I had won some awards in the 1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards.

Travelling and photography are my passion and probably my only vices, and to be recognized in this field is akin to being rewarded with a piece of cake for eating my favorite cake.

Now I’m rather excited, hunting for cheap airfares that will bring us to our next destination and pondering what we can include on our itinerary for our week’s sojourn. This award has inspired me even more to continuously share my stories and images while on the road – something to help me get through those days when I don’t feel like updating my blog for weeks.

Either way, this is icing on the cake. It’s the continuous support of my friends, family and readers that inspire me to get off my lazy bum, explore the world and write about my adventures.


The Good News!

Good evening!

We are pleased to announce that your blog has won Best Travel Blog, Best Filipino Blog Abroad and Best Blog Design in the 1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards.

Since you won’t be able to attend our event this coming Friday at the Bicol University College of Arts and Letters Amphitheater, we would like to ask a message from you that we will read on the awards night.

It could be a written message, a video message or a message in any medium that is most convenient to you.
We appreciate your acceptance speech during the event and congratulations once again.

Andrew Gahol, organizer


My not so short message ….

aaa 10 200x300 Thank You Ist Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards. announcements event bicol review My heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the 1st Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards and to everyone who has made this event possible. It is an honor to be recognized by fellow Bicolanos and to receive an award for something that I love doing and am passionate about.

I dedicate this award to my mother who inspired me unknowingly and made me the Lakwatsera that I am today. She may not have travelled far but her sense of adventure and strong spirit are deeply imprinted on me.

I’ll never forget her stories of hitchhiking in the boondocks to get back to our hometown, battling the wild Pacific Ocean waves to reach schools in the coastal areas and taking me and my siblings on long train rides to Manila –all tucked in a blanket on the train’s floor during one of those crowded trips.

kudat2 300x200 Thank You Ist Annual Bicol Bloggy Awards. announcements event bicol review I also share this award with my partner for life and favorite backpacking buddy, Charles. He has inspired me to pursue my dreams, break my limits and enjoy life to the fullest. I can’t thank him enough for his invaluable contribution to the technical aspects of my blog. He is also my number one critic, my number one supporter, and my 24-hour hotline support person for any geeky malfunctions on my site.

Special thanks to all my dear friends and avid readers. I hope my stories and photographs entertain you and inspire you to travel and pursue your own dreams. It’s a true pleasure corresponding with you all and hearing your own travel stories.

Again thank you very much and may this be the start of more Bicol Bloggy Awards in the future that will inspire more Bicolano bloggers to carve out their own niche. Dios Mabalos and to God be the Glory!