Live, Love, Laugh, Conquer!

me4 11 600x399 Live, Love, Laugh, Conquer! travel musings announcements posts review The year of the ox has been good to me so far. It’s overwhelming in a positive way. It started with a new job right after the New Year. I had never foreseen it, after 2 years of hiatus from the daily grind of an 8-5 job, I am back to the monotonous rat race I have been accustomed to. But to my great amazement, many of the things I’ve been wanting to have and do are becoming a reality. A new website, a new camera I have no idea how to use yet, and numerous trips on the way.

Conceptualizing this new site has been keeping me up late for many days now.  It all started with a simple chat with my former supervisor. She inspired me to start writing about my trips when I mentioned to her about my plans to travel solo to Vietnam and Thailand this year. I am not really a blogger/writer nor a good photographer. I am not a hard core mountaineer, trekker, rock climber or diver. But my passion for travel and adventure is immeasurable. I will try everything once and try it again if I don’t like it. And this is where I will share tales of misadventures, musings and ramblings and travel stories which I hope would inspire you to start your own journey.

Welcome to my site!!!